The DataCenter rework

On June18th 2014, the DataCenter studio had a substantial upgrade, including; 40 ins / 8out Apogee AD and Rosetta converters Dynaudio BM12A mkII monitors 2 Motu Midi Express 128 Presonus Central Station A few new synths (Including a Studio Electronics SE-1 formally owned by Jackal&Hyde / DynamixII)             New Synthetix […]

FREE download of Deviation From Course

FREE download of Deviation From Course off the new album Synchronized Units by Synthetix. Listen to & buy the rest @ Full CD on sale, just $8 with free shipping for the rest of 2013. Digital only and MP3 flash drive also available. ((boom))

Synthetix chosen as Fembot Coalition Featured Producer

The Fembot Coalition is a movement in the electronic music industry to promote a broader female audience, and empower more females to take an active role in their music community. The movement was created for both ladies & gentlemen to have open conversation about mutual musical interests, hoping to create that buzz which will give […]

Hi-Tech Low Frequency… Now Downloading…

(((WATCH YA BASSBINS)))…. Hi-Tech Low Frequency, the new album by Synthetix, is available for download today from itunes,, and wherever you download music.  11 all new booming electro trax. Listen to the full track ‘Interface’ from the album now. Interface by synthetix

Synthetix trax now available at is now live and is the central repository to get all the bass pumpin, booty shakin, boom making, speaker breaking, tracks by all your favorite acts. Currently, Lines of Code and the Electronic Counter Measures e.p. are both available in high quality 320K MP3’s for the low price of $1.99 per track.  You can […]