– Synthetix has been called “the soundtrack to a great robot invasion sci-fi movie”. A combination of well programmed beats and massive sounding synths. Synthetix was formed in 2000 by Shea Steinbacher pushing the genre forward into the future. With an amazing live show and constant digital mix sets, having Synthetix on a bill or flyer means a show not to be missed. Shea had already established himself with the earlier success in Industrial/IDM with his previous endeavor Auto Aggression Device.

– After retooling and changing gears, in 2001 he released the debut Algorhythm. Quickly establishing him and was promptly grouped in media and reviews, with such live acts as Kraftwerk, The Crystal Method, and The Prodigy. The stand out track Out There was applauded as an underground classic and the follow up single Nobody’s Going Anywhere was featured on’s compilation Hotter Than Sex. 2003 saw the release of the album Geo-Synchronous Orbit, and rooted him even deeper into the scene. With the booming, miami-bass laden single In A B-Boy Stance, Synthetix put fans and fellow producers on notice. In 2005 he released Y øU AR3 N øT R3ADY F øR TH1S, which had the stand out nuskool tracks Headbobber and Ignition.

– In 2008 Synthetix signed on with Black Magic Records US, and released the Electronic Counter Measures e.p. This 4 track release centered on electro-bass, with plenty of 808 kicks, synth zaps, and robotic vocoder. Over the years, Synthetix has played live with acts like Skylab 2000, Deepsky, Rabbit in the Moon, Dynamix II, Hydraulix, DJ Godfather, The Spacemen, Debonaire, Autonomous Bassheads, and countless others. He has remixed for DJ Magic Mike, Delerium, and Information Society.

– In 2010, Synthetix released the full length album, entitled Lines of Code on his own label zerosandones records. Getting heavy rotation on several online radio stations including the seminal electro show Spotta Sounds.